Old Army PT manuals are hard to find.
Click here for over 700 pages of manuals dating back to 1892
  • The United States Army Physical Fitness School at Fort Benning, GA began reshaping Army-wide physical readiness training doctrine a few years ago.  The USAPFS website reflects the spirit of the emerging doctrine.  Numerous articles such as this one have appeared concerning changes in Army PT doctrine.   Here's anotherAnd another.  One more.

  • Our nation has a long and shameful tradition of being physically unprepared to defend itself at the beginning of its wars.  It has cost many of our best and brightest.  COL Mike Krause wrote about it almost ten years ago.  

  • If you want to compare yourself and/or your unit to World War II soldiers, take the PT test the Army used in 1946.  Its combat oriented.  Your scores will be of no value unless you maintain the standard.  Today's pushups would not count.  Follow the directions carefully.  Here's some info about an Army unit that shared its experience with the test.

  • Army physical readiness training drifted off course after the Viet Nam War.  Progression, variety and precision were sacrificed.  The spikes in Army physical training quality are reflected in doctrine that emerged out of WW II and the Korean War, but the standard for Army physical training is still rooted in the efforts of LTC Herman J. Koehler, Master of the Sword at West Point from 1885-1923. 

  • Fort Benning developed an off-duty education fitness leadership degree program in 1994.  Soldiers and civilians, studying in their leisure time, ignited interest in past doctrine and put forgotten methods to the test.  This was clearly an illustration of education's power to bring about reform.

  • The USAPFS uses inversion boots.  Teaching methods were developed by U.S. Army Rangers.

  • As you look deeper into the origins of physical readiness training in the United States, the history of the British Physical Training Corp will provide valuable insights.  In many ways, our problems resemble theirs, but they have a much longer tradition to study.

  • Here is an article on extension that came out of Fort Benning.

  • This is an article for military personnel concerning supplements (PDF).

  • The SAFE Test is worth a try.  Take a look.